News to me

Recently found out that I have (had) a heart-shaped uterus. News to me. She asked how many kids I had and was surprised that I had two. My first wasn’t as early as we thought.  She was surprised I carried the second over my due date.  She said because of my uterus that she isn’t surprised they were both small babies.  I feel a bit relieved in this knowledge. Even if it’s years/decades later.


It could have been very possible that I wouldn’t have been blessed with the two spawn I had. The universe and a higher power had a hand in keeping them safe.  I’m grateful to have been blessed with them.  They have become wonderful adults that I’m very proud of.

Why did no one ever tell me about this little issue of mine?  It may have influenced me to have more spawn while I could. Possibly at least one more.

Can’t change the past, only learn from it.  And I have learned a lot.

Coming to terms with losing part of my “womanhood” is a big deal. I had already made the choice in 2012 to not have the option of spawn coming from my womb ever again, but it feels like I’m rehashing it.  So I write about it and share it with people, some I know many I don’t. Is it too personal to put out there? Maybe. Should I not? I don’t know.

Scheduled this for later in the week and by then the eviction will be done.  I’ll be recovering & hopefully it’ll be speedy. I don’t know what to do with myself when I don’t have to go to work. Estimated time off 6 weeks. I’m lucky to have a job that provides family medical leave.  Not everything is covered so I’ll still have a bit of a bill for this unexpected adventure so I am asking for assistance with a GoFundMe account. I put in $5k but will be content with any little bit.  It’ll pay my hospital copay and keep me current with things come the 5th week. I truly appreciate everyone’s good thoughts/prayers/well wishes/donations.  I’m blessed with a wonderful community and support system. Thank you.


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