A Week or so PostOp

Hey there guys!  So an update on how I’m doing.

I’m feeling great.  My abdomen is bruised from the half-inch incisions for the tools but other than that I’m feeling better than I have in a LONG time. No more bloated feeling. So the suggested recovery time from my procedure is up to 6 weeks.  I’m at almost one week and I’m about ready to go bat-shit crazy if I cannot go back to work sooner than that.

They say one may feel depressed or sad over the loss of my baby making abilities but I’ve been out of that scene for over a decade anyways. Like I said before, if I were to have had more kids it would have been 14 years ago.  I had a very quick reflection and sense of loss over my uterus and then I remembered the pain and trouble it caused and got over it.

While I was in my drug stupor, from my procedure, my son’s daughter was born in the middle of the night.  To my delight the first thing I found out when I awoke was my perfect little granddaughter was here with little issue.  I’ve seen her every day since. Yes I’m driving.

Anyways, I’ll find out soon when I can return to work. If I cannot return for the full 6 weeks things will be a little tight financially, hence my GoFundMe account. If I go back sooner the funds raised from this account will go towards my medical bill instead of my regular bills. Even with the insurance at work I have a co-pay which I was unprepared for.  However my to-do list for this year has that at the top of the list, along with my income protection which is lacking, my health/medical savings through work, my will, and my medical directive/living will. It’s amazing that we don’t think about these things until we have to.

Lesson to be learned from me… Be prepared. Don’t wait to deal with financial or health/medical planning.  Go do it now!

How I’m spending my week… Hope to visit with the grand-baby.  Write. Work on the list above. Work on selling some stuff.

*Coming soon – Sell Sell Sell!

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