That Moment: Why am I doing this?

That Moment: Why am I doing this?

Do you ever have one of those moments where you just realize or wonder or ask yourself… “Why am I doing this?”

Yeah I had that moment Friday on my drive. A lot of questions going through my head.

  • My blog:
    • Why am I blogging still?
    • What do I have to say?
    • Why am I writing or not writing?
    • Is anyone reading my blog and/or benefiting from my blog?
  • My job:
    • Do I like my job?
    • What else could I be doing?
  • My living arrangement:
    • Should I rent someplace else?
    • Should I buy?
    • Where should I move to?
    • Why do I stay here?
  • My health/wellness
    • How can I break my sugar addiction?
    • How can I get healthier & fitter?
    • Is ME 1st working for me?
  • My art:
    • Where’s my muse?
    • Why am I so lackadaisical about my creativity?
    • When was the last time I took photos?

It was one of those moments that you realize that you’re not feeding your soul or heart. Where it feels like you are just a zombie in your own life, making the motions.  It’s a very emotional realization.

That moment when you realize that you’re not doing anything you really want to be doing or enjoy doing. That moment where you’re almost in tears because you don’t know why you’re doing any of it. That moment where you just want to throw your hands up that you’re done and then run away. Run away any place but where you are.

So what does this mean for me?  I don’t know.


My word for the next two months is: FOCUS – 1 thing at a time

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