Taking charge of my health, wellness, and diet I’ve decided I need to purge some bad habits and addictions (sugar). Let me start with what isn’t working…

I have pondered long and hard recently regarding my health and wellness. I don’t feel I’m making progress in the ME First/ME4Life program. A lot of the wellness stuff we cover I’ve been working on for years. I feel it isn’t a positive session for me listening to other people’s negativity bi-weekly. I don’t feel I’m getting anything positive from the group interactions at this point. And unfortunately it seems that it is always the same people saying the same things. I understand this is what they need right now but it is not what I need. After all this is all about ME right now. If I could have had a concentration in nutrition or fitness instead of facilitation I may have had felt different.


Another choice I’ve come to is, I’m starting a new diet plan. A real diet plan. One with a support coach, weekly accountability, and regimented food dos and don’ts. I’m not one to be a “dieter” and follow trends as many of you know. And I did not come to this decision in haste or on a whim. It took me 2 months to hash out issues within myself regarding this choice. Basically my fear of failure is at the root of these issues. I deserve to be happy and healthy. And everything that goes with it. Occasionally I let my weight keep me from things I want to do or try. No more! I have had enough. I am worthy of changing my life by changing the way I do things.  To get different results you need to do something different.

What I want is positivity towards my choices and not negativity. I don’t need you to point out how I’m doing it wrong or I’m cheating or it’s not healthy. You can STFU if you have nothing good to say even if you disagree with my path. Remember this is about me and not you.


Say What?

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