Whatever festival – Capital Park – Augusta

Augusta and the surrounding area have had this festival for years. As a kid organizations and people would build rafts that they’d use in the parade as floats and then launch them into the Kennebec river to float down to Gardiner. Now they do canoe and kayaks instead as the festival had died off a bit and is now being reconstituted for this erra.  June 27th…

I had the privilege of attending as part of Ravens Bridge to help promote the SCA. I’m a month into this experience so I know little and haven’t had time to do research and such. But I had a delightful day. I even kept to my new healthy eating and avoided the fair foods.  Here are some pictures via my cell phone of the day.

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It was a learning experience for me and everyone I’ve met so far has been get kind. They help you learn and even feed you if you need it. :mrgreen: I really missed the lemon cookies most of all. So I guess I need to get busy researching who I want to be and what I want to wear so my friend can stop stressing about dressing me. 😀

*appropriate links will be added soon.

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