New lifestyle around food

I started a new program called Ideal Protein which is through my chiropractor’s office. I’m two weeks in to it (14 days).  My goal with this program is to basically quit my sugar addiction. There’s sugar hidden in so many things plus the known sugar that we consume was crazy for me.  I knew this but kicking the habit was hard alone. I knew I needed assistance. So I turned to this program.

I find it very helpful as of today I haven’t knowingly had any sugar or form of sugar or sugar substitute that isn’t approved by the program. Including most carbs and processed foods.  I wake up without a headache in the morning. I overall feel much better than just 2 weeks ago.

I’m excited about my weight loss with the program but for me it’s more than that.  For me it’s feeling better.  Taking charge of MY life and doing something for myself that I wasn’t able to do before. Clearing out the roadblocks I put up. I am excited to start wearing the slew of dresses I was wearing in 1999 that are still sitting in my closet and have been moved with me 4 times.

I look forward to moving to the next phase of this program where I will be able to consume small bits of dairy and other such goodies that are not currently in the plan.  I can have most any type of protein except deli meats, bacon (I LOVE), cured hams & such, and sausage type things.  Lean meats only.  Copious amounts of veggies, except no starchy veggies such as winter squashes, potato type things and limited starchy green veggies, peas, beans, & Brussels sprouts. Rarely do I feel deprived.

I understand some may have their reservations about this program and that’s fine, but it works for me and that’s the important thing. I’m not asking for a debate or opinion on the matter. Do not feel bad, I’m not asking for you to accommodate me, as I will accommodate myself. I’ll politely decline offers of food I’m not suppose to have on this plan. I will not give you shit about eating something I can’t have, you didn’t put me in this situation, I did.  I’m just sharing how I feel about how I feel.

Say What?

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