Direct Sales

Those of you who do direct sales or have done direct sales can you share your experience?  You can either respond here or PM me.

  • Do/Did you like the company?
  • Which is/was it?
  • How much was start up?
  • Is/was there a minimum order per a month or quarter?
  • What is/was the commission percentage?
  • How busy are/were you to maintain your status?
  • How busy are/were you when you earned extra money?
  • How friendly is/was the company for dealing with issues/returns?
  • Do you “have to” recruit?
  • What is the training like?

I looked up the top 100 DS companies for 2015 and found the top 5 as:

  1. Amway – USA
  2. Avon – USA
  3. Herbalife – USA
  4. Mary Kay – USA
  5. Vorwerk – Germany

Here’s where other well know DS companies fall on the list:

  • #8 – Tupperware
  • #14 – Primarica
  • #28 – Thirty-one Gifts
  • #36 – Arbonne
  • #38 – Scentsy
  • #60 – Origami Owl

I had my own experience as a DS consultant with Creative Memories (which I’m still trying to unload old stock from 7+ years ago) and for about 3 months I tried the Primarica thing over 15 years ago.  I want to see how things have changed since then.  I want to know how you feel about the opportunities you have had with direct sales, good and bad.

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