In a funk

Sorry for being MIA but I’ve been in a funk for the past few months.  I think part of it is that I haven’t fully bounced back from evicting my uterus.  Part of it is my new diet.  Part of it is that I hate my online classes.  I’m possibly taking on too much and not giving myself time to recoup from everything.  I’ve been on go since I went back to work 3 weeks after surgery.  Yes I feel better in that area but now I’m dragging ass all the time.  Some good news though, my dr had me stop one of my bp pills and I may possibly stop the other one, meet with her again in a few weeks.  Going to add back in to my supplements, vitamin D, E, & B12.  Possibly zinc & B6. I went on vacation to VT & NH the beginning of Sep. And I have pictures from both.  I’ll work on those posts another day. I haven’t much felt like writing or socializing, but I’ve never been a big socializer anyways.  Am I worried it’s depression, a little but I think it’s something else also.  I think it’s anxiety.  The habits I have with anxiety have become noticeable to me.  I will be discussing this with my dr. I’ve also come to some recent realizations due to some changes at work.  As I mentioned I was taking online classes, business ones. However I HATE these classes.  They are not what I want to do with my life. Yes they’ll advance me at work, if I go looking for something different, but I don’t really want something different in that way.  I want to modify what I have going on right now and help build a better more productive direction for my section/job.  I did however decide to go for a degree in English/Creative Writing & will be checking into communication classes as a minor. We under utilize social media in our work.  It can move people to do great things.  Proof of that is the Ice Bucket Challenge.  I was talking to my wellness coach and she picked up on the fact that I’m feeling “STUCK” and yes that is true.  Now the question becomes how do I get myself UNstuck? 🙂 I feel I’m taking steps towards becoming unstuck.  I have to remember to start saying No to things. I have to focus on ME.  So with all that being said I’m adding to my plate instead of clearing it…

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?

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