NaNoWriMo is fast approaching

About a week away from the official start of NaNoWriMo 2015. Are you ready?

I need your help.  I’ve been working on creating new characters with help from my writing group. Here they are:

  • Austin Craig Stewart (brother = Tristan)
  • Ambrose Rutherford Peterson III (sister = Amber)
  • Savanna Luna Gilman
  • Sean Michael White
  • Elizabeth Kathryn Beaumont
  • Nathanial (Nat) Charles Dumont
  • Tristan Brett Stewart (brother = Austin)
  • Jacqueline Myrna Ellis
  • Amber Ruth Peterson – (brother = Ambrose)
  • Frances Marie Diamond –
    • Eyes: Green   Hair: Black   Height: ?
    • Physical description:
    • Personality characteristics:

Notice that only one has some physical characteristics listed. This year I’d like to have readers give me either random physical or personality characteristic to help fill out these characters.  And then vote for the main characters for the supernatural love story.  Credit will be given to you if your character description is utilized. You don’t have to specifically attach it to one of the above names or you can.  Provide your suggestions in multiple replies, one for Physical one for Personality as you see fit. If you don’t specify the character I’ll randomly match them up.  You don’t have to reply on my blog, you can reply on tumblr, Facebook, twitter, G+, or in a private message.

What are you doing to get ready for NaNo?


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