NaNo Check in

So we’re half way through NaNo, but some of us are not half way through our word count. Like me. As you can see based on my little widget on the left I’m sadly lagging behind.  Between working 40 hrs plus the 2 hr commute, plus 2 classes, and my car recently crapping out… I’m falling further & further behind.  I have a 5 day weekend at the end of the month, Thur – Mon, and I plan to utilize all of it for nothing but writing.  Until then I’m going to sacrifice my time to get all my homework done, as best as I can.  Term ends on Dec 1st.

I’ve been having a hard time being creative these days due to a lot of anxiety. I need to make time for it. Maybe once I start my new degree in English/creative writing it will help me make the time.

How is your NaNo going? Did you start fresh or are you a rebel? I started fresh. It didn’t really help the flow of things for me.

Have you made it out to any write-ins? I’ve been to about 2 a week. They’re not always productive for me but it’s good to get out and socialize.


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