My adventure to Birka

A little less than a year a go I went to my first SCA event. It was the first event by Ravensbridge on May 16th. Huginn and Muninn was held at the Monmouth Fish and Game.  There was lots going on, but it was still a small event with Arts and Science, Thrown Weapons, Archery, Fencing, Heavy List, and Feast. I had a wonderful time even though I was recovering from a surgery about 2 weeks earlier.  They are planning on doing this event yearly, although the venue may change.

Anyways…  This is a group of people who I’ve gotten to know better over the past nine months. It has been an interesting and quick nine months. I’ve been borrowing garb from a friend along with other accessories, belt, pouch, mug, and such.  I’m feeling like a mooch about this.  So this leads me to this recent event…

Market Day At Birka

Knowing this event was coming I saved up some money to spend at Birka.  My first purchase actually was made at GNEW last July. A small tasting cup (shot glass made of ceramic).  My first purchase at Birka was a couple of beads for pendants, an octopus and a green man.  Later in the day I picked up some small charms for other things.

I stopped at the leather shop, Maine Line Leather for my very first wearable garb item bought for myself, a black belt.  They tipped the belt right there and finished the edges.  I was thrilled and rushed right over to show my friends. (I’m such a goober.)  Next I bought a pouch from a shop a couple of friends run, Sigrid and Magnus’ Leather Emporium.  I had to make sure my cell phone fit in it as well as other things.  I still would like a separate pouch for my money, to avoid dropping it when taking other things out of my pouch.  I also found a mug that I liked that was affordable for me. I love the purple, green and blues in it.

There was about a hundred vendors at the market place on Saturday.  Quite a bit of things for people to choose from. I also met an author and bought a couple of his books, James Nelson. I’m looking forward to reading them.  We had a good discussion with him at Birka.

We visited court and watched awards given. Missed some others because we didn’t know about them. It was a very long court that we came in late to and left early from. We also got to see Adrienne apprentice Isabel ceremony and contract signing.  It was quite special. I’m so happy to see people progress at something they like.

I also snapped some pictures of the view from our room, to the right is the Verizon Wireless Arena (soon to be the SNHU Arena).  And on our way out we met a couple of great looking police as well as their mounts.

On our drive back we stopped in Portland at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. First time I’ve been to either, although I wasn’t up for a visit to Whole Foods and waited in the car.  Being an introvert I was a little overloaded by this point on Sunday.  I was eager to get home.  All in all I had a wonderful time. Next year I hope to hit up more things going on.

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