UPDATE: I have done some research on moving to a self hosted site and it seems that the time is now. It is the most cost efficant option for me at this time. I’m terrified of this move but I found a wa to take you all with me. Do not worry, my blog is not changing much and it will not be anything different for content then what you are use to seeing. I need to make this move this week. So things may be a little messy for a few weeks while I work on this. Forgive me for the mess and delay on not posting.

HOWEVER…. I would like to take this opportunity to see what you may want to read going forward. Did you know I have an Art Blog? Did you know I’m working on a degree in creative writing? Did you know I am a photographer? What do you want to see from me? Leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page.

Lined up for the upcoming year… a give-away on my art blog, a give-away on my blog for those who love office supplies/notebooks, more focused posts, guest posts from other bloggers in Maine, Maine travels and other new ideas.

I hope you all follow along with me on this new adventure.

My page is going through some changes. Don’t worry I have some spiffy stuff lined up for my next year of blogging.

To preserve my followers I have not yet decided to migrate to a self hosted site. I did however decided to move my entire blog to an archive site.  Click the ARCHIVE link above to get to it.

I will update this post as I add and change a variety of things.

  1. Transfer all blog posts, pages, categories, pictures, etc to archive
  2. Add link for archive site
  3. Find a usable theme for new archive site
  4. Remove all posts, pages, categories, pictures, etc from (Living in Maine)
  5. Create new Categories for

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