Taking too long

Well damn where did I go?  I know right!  I feel like i have fallen off the blogging world and left you hanging. I am so SO SOOOOOOOO sorry for that my lovelies.  

So much has changed since my last post in March.  I did buy self hosting site. I started setting it up and got distracted by my classes. So it sat untouched for weeks.  I then asked a friend to play with it and try to set it up… not so successful.  So now that I am doing only one class at a time now I hope to get things straightened out.  To take you with me to my new site platform, WordPress.org. 

In April and May I had started 2 heavy writing & reading classes. My Uncle died. I was sick. I had the conention to attend.  I had out of state visitors. A memorial for my Uncle. And a wedding. I was so stressed it is no wonder I didn’t get my website up and running. I ended up flunking one of my classes and passing the other with only a C- which is passing but barely.  (I think.) 

What else is new… ?  Weeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllll………….  I may have mentioned I was going to the Democratic convention for the state, I did. Ran into someone I use to know. We use to work together about 16 years ago. Ran into him sporatically / rarely since.  Our friends tried to set us up at one point.  Kind of funny looking back on it. Anyways, since the convention we haven’t stopped talking. Just a month after reconnecting and only a month ago we made it Facebook offical that we are dating.  OMG!! RIGHT!!!  ME dating.  The LTS person.  Anti valintines day person. Yes me.  I am dating.  I am still kind of amazed at this myself.  I will not be discussing us reguarlly as a couple. But I will share some of our adventures as we both really want to get out and do stuff. 

In June I had an SCA event for Ravensbridge. Had my neice overnight for the first time.  Got a new tattoo and got my daughter her first tattoo.  Went to Vermont for a high school graduation. And because of him I have attended my first PortCon. Which I got a cold from, but still had a great time.  

Been a busy few months.  I cannot beleive that it is already July 1st. I cannot beleive it has been over 3 months since I last posted.  I have so much to say and to write about, but I feel like I have no time.  I promise to make the time though.  Make the time for you guys. Looking forward to my new adventures and telling you about them.   Please don’t forget about me. 

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