Been a while…

Hello friends.  I know it’s been a while since I posted here. Over a year.  What have I been doing you may ask?  Well friends let me fill you in on what I’ve been up to since my last post in June 2017. I have been consistently working on finishing my bachelors degree. I am currently in my 2nd to last class.  I’m eager to be done.  I’ll have a degree in creative writing… not sure what I’ll end up doing with it, if anything. Work has been work. Been moved around a lot as far as space goes. Finally … Continue reading Been a while…

Review: Happy Planner

Hello everyone!  It has been a while. I have no excuse besides life. I’ll tell you about that in another post.  Today I’m here to discuss my current planner.  As you know I am a planner & journal addict, or maybe you didn’t know.  Now you do.

This year I was ready to use my new Leuchtterm1917 dot grid for my 2017 bullet journal/planner.  However I saw the Happy Planner by me& my BIG Ideas in Michael’s and thought it was interesting. Little did I know that this would send me down a rabbit hole. Continue reading “Review: Happy Planner”

FOMO = People Programing

I’m not sure if any of you were around when I wrote my first post about FOMO.  The latest info on FOMO or now Brain Hacking?  The ap developers are programing them to addict you to them. We are tied to our phones in such a way that we are rarely without them and when we are, we are constantly feeling like we have forgotten something or we are naked.  Try unplugging for a while.   Some other links you might like to read about breaking the social media addiction: Facebook Addiction? The 4-Step Blueprint for Overcoming an … Continue reading FOMO = People Programing

It is LIVE

My new site is live:  MainerChick In addition to that I have a new location for my blog: I’m still working on moving my followers from here to there, which is not very intuitive. Any suggestions / tips are welcome. And soon to come my creative writings will be found at As well as my Etsy store to be up and running. And hopefully a site for selling my photos. I’m also creating a page for linking sponsors and affiliate. Currently I’m in the process of writing the “About Me” section for my new writing blog based on … Continue reading It is LIVE

House hunting

I have been house hunting for a quite a few months now.  I’ve seen 21 houses in total. Some were adequate and some were lacking greatly. (Honestly they were shit-holes.) House hunting is a pain in the ass.  I used to like it, well when I bought my first house in 2006 I enjoyed the process, not so much now.  I think the following pictures are in order of viewing. So many to look at, so many issues. Very tired and frustrated by the time I got to the end.                       … Continue reading House hunting

It is time!

I have finally almost finished my website/blog. I’m looking forward to get back to writing again. I’ve fallen out of habit due to many reasons. The whole transition from my original WordPress site to my self-hosted site was a bit overwhelming. I didn’t have time for things and I sat on the transition for almost a year before I started it.  So I basically paid for a year of web-hosting that I didn’t use. I took a term off from school to work on this and house hunt. Neither are finished/resolved yet but I’m starting school next week so I … Continue reading It is time!

Update with Website

Unfortunately things are not going as smoothly as I thought.  I’m a little upset over this. I don’t have the time to do the research or put in the effort to building it the way I want.  Let alone transferring my followers to my new site. I thought I’d get more done in my 10 days off from school, my next class starts on Monday.  I just need a weekend (or a week) with nothing else to do.  I guess I should be doing that now.  First time to catch up on what’s been going on. The deaths in my … Continue reading Update with Website

Taking too long

Well damn where did I go?  I know right!  I feel like i have fallen off the blogging world and left you hanging. I am so SO SOOOOOOOO sorry for that my lovelies.   So much has changed since my last post in March.  I did buy self hosting site. I started setting it up and got distracted by my classes. So it sat untouched for weeks.  I then asked a friend to play with it and try to set it up… not so successful.  So now that I am doing only one class at a time now I hope … Continue reading Taking too long

What am I doing?????

Wow! So this change to a self hosted site is a bit messy. Partly because of the timing and my ineptitude. Working through it though. Excited for the future of my blogs, website, and such. I’m learning new things so it’s good. In other news, I am happy with my grades in both classes for this term. I liked both and the creative writing class was very helpful. I am greatful to my teacher and classmates for the boost I needed to take the next step. I’m nervous about next term. Seems like both classes are heavy writing straight away. … Continue reading What am I doing?????


UPDATE: I have done some research on moving to a self hosted site and it seems that the time is now. It is the most cost efficant option for me at this time. I’m terrified of this move but I found a wa to take you all with me. Do not worry, my blog is not changing much and it will not be anything different for content then what you are use to seeing. I need to make this move this week. So things may be a little messy for a few weeks while I work on this. Forgive me … Continue reading Changes