It is LIVE

My new site is live:  MainerChick In addition to that I have a new location for my blog: I’m still working on moving my followers from here to there, which is not very intuitive. Any suggestions / tips are welcome. And soon to come my creative writings will be found at As well as my Etsy store to be up and running. And hopefully a site for selling my photos. I’m also creating a page for linking sponsors and affiliate. Currently I’m in the process of writing the “About Me” section for my new writing blog based on … Continue reading It is LIVE

Update with Website

Unfortunately things are not going as smoothly as I thought.  I’m a little upset over this. I don’t have the time to do the research or put in the effort to building it the way I want.  Let alone transferring my followers to my new site. I thought I’d get more done in my 10 days off from school, my next class starts on Monday.  I just need a weekend (or a week) with nothing else to do.  I guess I should be doing that now.  First time to catch up on what’s been going on. The deaths in my … Continue reading Update with Website

What am I doing?????

Wow! So this change to a self hosted site is a bit messy. Partly because of the timing and my ineptitude. Working through it though. Excited for the future of my blogs, website, and such. I’m learning new things so it’s good. In other news, I am happy with my grades in both classes for this term. I liked both and the creative writing class was very helpful. I am greatful to my teacher and classmates for the boost I needed to take the next step. I’m nervous about next term. Seems like both classes are heavy writing straight away. … Continue reading What am I doing?????


UPDATE: I have done some research on moving to a self hosted site and it seems that the time is now. It is the most cost efficant option for me at this time. I’m terrified of this move but I found a wa to take you all with me. Do not worry, my blog is not changing much and it will not be anything different for content then what you are use to seeing. I need to make this move this week. So things may be a little messy for a few weeks while I work on this. Forgive me … Continue reading Changes

Future is looking Bright

I published this post three years ago today (yesterday).  The blogging future… a little help please. Where does the time go? I feel no more focused of fetched out then I did in 2013.  Although if you read my post Opportunity you’ll see I have lofty plans. I have decided not to take the opportunity and ride on the coattails of the author of the GQ article.  I feel everyone has said what has needed to be said with regards to it.  If the US returns Maine back to Canada I’d gladly agree. We will happily export our lobster, potatoes, … Continue reading Future is looking Bright


This year I decided to actually pick a word for the year to focus on. I chose OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity (op-por-tu-ni-ty) noun / A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. I was kind of tired of setting “goals” or resolutions every year and not achieving them. I try but I don’t always succeed. So this year I’m picking words.  A year word to focus on for the year. Opportunity can come in to play so many ways.  Even with pairing it with the word of the month. My word of the month is MINDFUL. Between the two … Continue reading Opportunity