FOMO = People Programing

I’m not sure if any of you were around when I wrote my first post about FOMO.  The latest info on FOMO or now Brain Hacking?  The ap developers are programing them to addict you to them. We are tied to our phones in such a way that we are rarely without them and when we are, we are constantly feeling like we have forgotten something or we are naked.  Try unplugging for a while.   Some other links you might like to read about breaking the social media addiction: Facebook Addiction? The 4-Step Blueprint for Overcoming an … Continue reading FOMO = People Programing

House hunting

I have been house hunting for a quite a few months now.  I’ve seen 21 houses in total. Some were adequate and some were lacking greatly. (Honestly they were shit-holes.) House hunting is a pain in the ass.  I used to like it, well when I bought my first house in 2006 I enjoyed the process, not so much now.  I think the following pictures are in order of viewing. So many to look at, so many issues. Very tired and frustrated by the time I got to the end.                       … Continue reading House hunting

Taking too long

Well damn where did I go?  I know right!  I feel like i have fallen off the blogging world and left you hanging. I am so SO SOOOOOOOO sorry for that my lovelies.   So much has changed since my last post in March.  I did buy self hosting site. I started setting it up and got distracted by my classes. So it sat untouched for weeks.  I then asked a friend to play with it and try to set it up… not so successful.  So now that I am doing only one class at a time now I hope … Continue reading Taking too long

My adventure to Birka

A little less than a year a go I went to my first SCA event. It was the first event by Ravensbridge on May 16th. Huginn and Muninn was held at the Monmouth Fish and Game.  There was lots going on, but it was still a small event with Arts and Science, Thrown Weapons, Archery, Fencing, Heavy List, and Feast. I had a wonderful time even though I was recovering from a surgery about 2 weeks earlier.  They are planning on doing this event yearly, although the venue may change. Anyways…  This is a group of people who I’ve gotten … Continue reading My adventure to Birka

Happy New Year!

Hey friend. *head nod* What’s up? What is going on with you in 2016? As we go into the new year I have some new adventures to look forward to.  Very exciting. I’m going to start SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) online degree program for Creative Writing for my bachelors degree. I’m looking forward to getting this done.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes to achieve your goal, as long as you’re working towards it and enjoying the journey. I signed up to do the DLP (Documented Life Project) again. Looking forward to putting some art in my life … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Tiny Boat House

As many of you know I’m kind of in to the Tiny House thing, have been before they even made a show on HG TV about it.  I believe it can help with a variety of issues in communities and for people.  While I was out with my daughter we stopped down to the point in Winthrop and found this tiny boat house docked.  I spoke to the guy quickly and he said to look up their tiny boat house on the blog, so I did. Here are some more shots of the tiny boat house he calls the “love … Continue reading Tiny Boat House

Direct Sales

Those of you who do direct sales or have done direct sales can you share your experience?  You can either respond here or PM me. Do/Did you like the company? Which is/was it? How much was start up? Is/was there a minimum order per a month or quarter? What is/was the commission percentage? How busy are/were you to maintain your status? How busy are/were you when you earned extra money? How friendly is/was the company for dealing with issues/returns? Do you “have to” recruit? What is the training like? I looked up the top 100 DS companies for 2015 and … Continue reading Direct Sales

New lifestyle around food

I started a new program called Ideal Protein which is through my chiropractor’s office. I’m two weeks in to it (14 days).  My goal with this program is to basically quit my sugar addiction. There’s sugar hidden in so many things plus the known sugar that we consume was crazy for me.  I knew this but kicking the habit was hard alone. I knew I needed assistance. So I turned to this program.
Continue reading “New lifestyle around food”