I’ve started this latest blog post about 7 times since my last post. Nothing has seemed quite right and I end up deleting them.  It isn’t because I’m tired or burnt out on blogging or that I have nothing to write about, I have so much to say. Today I may just say it all at once or not… This weekend I’m doing the Into The Mud Challenge on Sunday. I’m a bit nervous about it, I haven’t been training for it. It’s mud after all. Running through that is not like running on anything else.  I think it’ll be … Continue reading Ramble


In the photo above you’ll see the slick spot where I fell this morning at the gas pumps of my local Cumberland Farms.  I landed flat on my back in an instant.  Barely had time to brace my self from it.  It hurt like a mother f’ker.  I laid there for a minute on my back trying to realize what had happened & if I had broke anything.  Legs worked, arms worked, neck works.  I sat up and some lady asked if I was ok & needed help.  I didn’t need help, I did take my time to get up … Continue reading Slip

Getting Healthy

As you may know, I am working on getting healthy and fit. What does this mean?  Well for one it’s loosing weight, two it’s creating livable healthy goals that I can meet daily, weekly, monthly. Third it’s finding ways to achieve this. I’m part of ME FIRST which is a work sponsored fitness/wellness life style change. I’ve also been looking at other online things to help. I am giving this new website a try,  http://www.slimkicker.com. I haven’t gotten to far in to it yet, but it seems a bit easier than some of the other sites I’ve been on.  I … Continue reading Getting Healthy

It’s begun

I went to the ME FIRST orientation meeting yesterday.  There’s a lot going on in this program and yesterday got me pumped right up to put my effort in to becoming a healthier person. I want to share my journey with you, but I’m not sure if I should do it here or on a completely different blog.  In the past I’ve started a separate blog to try/attempt to track my progress with becoming healthier, however it never worked out well.  Partly because I didn’t have the support system & the encouragement. Suggestions are welcome as to what I should … Continue reading It’s begun