Setting a goal

I need to set a new goal.  I accomplished both of the “runs” that I did, except I walked them.  I want a more substantial goal to set.  I was thinking that since I have a group fitness class with my trainer coming up next week for several weeks after, I might base it around that.  Consistency on showing up & participating, effort, and progress results in improved fitness, both scale & non-scale victories. I’m currently backsliding with my weight and fitness.  I’m thinking it’s stress.  Which is discouraging but I refuse to let it get me down. 🙂 My … Continue reading Setting a goal

My bra fight

Shopping for clothes is hard.  Especially when you are larger than you would like to be, or “should” be based on science & such. I’m going to share something that many of you may not have even thought of sharing.  You may be asking how I can be so open with this knowing that people I work with may read.  I hope my experiences and my struggles show that you’re not alone. I recently broke the under-wire in my bra. Sitting at work one day I realized I was having an awful fight with my bra and one side was … Continue reading My bra fight


I just signed up to participate in the Into the Mud Challenge on April 28th at the Gorham Middle School.  It is a 2.5 mile obstacles course with mud. I’m quite jazzed up about this.  It’s my FIRST ever race/event of any kind. I’m a bit nervous yet excited.  I hope to get pictures to share with you all, of me covered in mud. 🙂 I’m going to be going to the gym 3 times a week starting next week to get my cardio in.  Then I hope to get some weights in later in the day after a few … Continue reading Mud!

Journaling in ME FIRST

Apparently we’re going to be doing some food journaling in the near future.  I’m really bad at that. I rather take a photo of it & see what I’m consuming.  I’ve done that in the past and realized I ate way too much. However with logging my food by hand I have a harder time & never get things correct. I also have tried Spark People/Pages & Fitness Pal both with no luck with this.  I had bought a Moleskine fitness journal, but haven’t had much luck with it and I’m not really digging it.  I can log Excerise, diet, … Continue reading Journaling in ME FIRST

Happy New Years everyone!

My last post had some of my goals for 2013.  I’m well on my way there.  Took a walk today, not quite a mile, more hills than I thought.  And spent the day cleaning house, putting Christmas away, so I’m sure I burned quite a bit of calories.  Probably those two small cinnamon rolls from this morning. 🙂 Had a healthy late lunch of chicken veggie soup.  Now to get to some of the me time stuff, like writing, drawing, or such. Continue reading Happy New Years everyone!