How many inches?

  The blizzard of February 8 – 9 2013 and the little bit of snow from the 11th. This was the biggest storm this winter (Nov 2012 – March 2013 is winter to me). We are not done with winter yet but I hope we’ve seen the most of it. I’m not fond of winters in Maine, but Maine is home, Maine is family.  I don’t ski because I’m afraid to, I’ve tried it. I don’t snowmobile because I can’t afford to. I don’t ice fish because it does not sound at all appealing to me to sit on a … Continue reading How many inches?

Fall is here

  Fall is here finally. Although the leaf peeping is not at it’s peak right now, I still had a good day out with my daughter taking photos.  I’m sure in only a matter of a week we’ll see a big change. In the past we’ve actually had to skip leaf peeping because of a storm.  The leaves were at the same point they are now when a bad rain storm came through & between the wind & the rain took all of the leaves off the trees.  It was a bare fall that year. I did edit these pictures … Continue reading Fall is here