Etsy, Ebay or Facebook

Any advice you can give about selling items on these sites would greatly appreciated.  Please read my post at my Art Journal Blog about listing items on Etsy and Ebay. I’ve seen some people use FB pages to list items for sale. I’m wondering if that would be an easier option. I’m still trying to get a feel for my niche in many things. I have an interest in some other forms of creativity and would like to spend time perusing them. I’m also trying to find a way to make some of my photos available to people without having … Continue reading Etsy, Ebay or Facebook

Maine Food

I found this video on one of our local music stations Q97 (wjbq). I’m not partial to Moxie to start with but it is NOT a Mr. Pibb knockoff! And I don’t know who made those baked beans but they looked nasty not at all like any of the homemade beans I’ve had. By the way the chocolate potato treat is called a Needham.  This recipe calls for mashed potatoes, but I like the shredded potatoes better. What foods do you have in your area that the rest of the country doesn’t? Continue reading Maine Food

The End of Unrecorded Life

Originally posted on Release.:
“Dear … NSA … I mean … ‘Mom’” At some point, we need to start asking ourselves: what happens if privacy is actually dead?  The Guardian is running a major, major revelation today that the NSA program Dishfire is gathering up, analysing and storing hundreds of millions of SMSs of foreign nationals every single day. It is “an untargeted sweep”, collecting, in a chilling quote from the Snowden documents,  “pretty much everything it can”. The implications are staggering: On average, each day the NSA was able to extract: • More than 5 million missed-call alerts, for use… Continue reading The End of Unrecorded Life

Blurred Lines – pro? con?

Blurring the Lines of Feminism: A Criticism of the Criticism of “Blurred Lines”. This has been bugging me since I watched both Robin Thick’s video & the Law Revue Girls’ video. This blog post does exactly what I have been meaning to do… dissect and argue the lyrics.  It’s true that you cannot understand all of the words in Blurred Lines and many have been misconstrued. I would like to think that I’m liberated & empowered enough to make the first move or reciprocate someone’s advances if I liked them that way. I’ve been known to ask “So you going … Continue reading Blurred Lines – pro? con?