Euphoria Overtaking my mind, giddy heart Can’t get enough Plans, promises and dreams Looking forward Time is fleeting Moments eeked out Few and far between Connections undeniable Where will we be When the euphoria fades And desire wanes Empty handed, regretful? Joyous for having known One another for just a moment A friendship to carry on Memories to look back on, happily   Continue reading Euphoria

DP: Writing Challenge: You never know…

Weekly Writing Challenge: Characters that Haunt You On the edge of the lake she waits. Sitting in her car watching the sun go down across the water. The leaves almost gone from the trees now. Had they been there, it would have been picture perfect. I sight to be shared. Except for the fact she was waiting for her lover, not her spouse. How did she end up in this situation she wondered.  Valid question.  No one ever goes in to a commitment thinking they’re going to break their promise. Although, that promise was broken not by her, technically.  Avoidance … Continue reading DP: Writing Challenge: You never know…

WordPress is at it again

So I don’t check my blog for a week between prepping for NaNo and starting NaNo I had scheduled posts the week before.  But I stop in to it today and things are looking different again.  What’s up? I think they update WP about twice a year just to drive us crazy. Anyways… How’s everyone November going?  If you’re doing NaNoWriMo how’s that going for you?  You can see my progress over on the left. Not doing so good right now.  I’m going to change my plot so I hope this will help the creativity flow.  I have my Lobster … Continue reading WordPress is at it again

November is coming

In less than a week I’ll be committing all of my extra time to working on my NaNoWriMo novel.  I’ve got all my gear ready for November. My writing journal that I throw ideas in, my NaNo pocket notebook for names, places, etc and this year’s story is being outlined in a small composition book. I’ve got my laptop, my ipod, and my black bear. And of course some new color pens and highlighters. I’m working on an idea I came up with eons ago and never did anything with. I found it in my binder of stories (half started … Continue reading November is coming

NaNoWriMo – planning

As a pantser in both blogging and the NaNoWriMo worlds I find it difficult to plan my writing. I mentioned it in my blogger interview with Delia. With NaNo I’ve tried every year since 2009 to write a novel. Even just a short story would be good. However every year I’m unsuccessful.  I would like to change that this year. I would like to successfully complete a story. Not just the 50K, but an ending, or something close to that. In 1986 I was in the 6th grade in middle school (Junior High) and I wrote and finished a story.  Mind … Continue reading NaNoWriMo – planning

I said it outloud…

On Friday I went to the Chiropractor and saw Karen. She knows I’m creative & like photography and other artsy endeavors and asked if I had been creative lately. I said no.  I basically told her I tried to be uber creative the whole month of November and failed at it by trying to write a novel.  She asked what it was about and I told her.  She thought it was a hoot.  My title has a play on words (which I’m not giving out) and thought it would be interesting to read.   So I guess I need to get … Continue reading I said it outloud…

Procrastination… at its best

I started off NaNo a bit slow.  I found my story idea in a binder of stories that I’ve started and never finished.  Yet I’ve procrastinated my whole week long vacation. I’ve spent a week off from work and only wrote maybe 15% of the time.  The rest of the time I ran errands, shopped for food for Thanksgiving, cleaned the house, blogged, put the tree up, watched movies, countless other things that wasn’t writing.  Some of these have been self inflicted and a few were just commitments I had to do.  I’ve stalled my momentum. Today is my last … Continue reading Procrastination… at its best