This was my 40X40 page with goals or bucket list items.

February 24, 2012 ~ In 18 months I turn 40. Before this page was for all the things I wanted to do by the time I was 40.  I’m going to change it a bit. The first handful of items are things I still want to do before I’m 40 however the next items are going to be the things I want to do IN my 40s.  My 40s are going to be all about me!

In my opinion a person’s 20s should be their time of discovery of who they really are. Forming their own thoughts & opinions on things, taking trips, having life experiences. I spent my 20s having babies & being married so they were far from being all about me.  So I’m basically doing things in reverse.  No surprise there, since I am a little eccentric. Basically I’m not changing who I am at the core, but rather having the life experiences I should have in my 20s but in my 40s.

Before 40:

1.      Kayak in two different bodies of water for Summer of 2013
2.      Visit two different light houses in Summer of 2013
3.      Grow veggies Summer 2013
4.      Increase my counts by 30% (P41 F201 X26) in 2013.
5.      Take a Zumba class.
6.      Take a Yoga class.
7.      Try a Kickboxing class.
8.      Down size my stuff.
9.      Shoot a gun.
10.    Get my passport.

The 40s:

1.      Go on a cruise.
2.      Ride in a hot air balloon.
3.      Take a scenic flight over central Maine.
4.      Travel to the UK (Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland & England) & Ireland.
5.      Fall in love again. (if not sooner)
6.      Get my Master’s in Art/Photography.
7.      Buy a camper.
8.      Visit every US state for an extended time. (more than 2 weeks)

11 thoughts on “2012

  1. Love your list! I have a list as well and amazingly some are the same as what’s on yours.

    – Buy a popup camper…did that last fall…at an amazing price!
    – Kayak in two different bodies of water…I’ve done the lake and streams (the ocean is next)!
    – Visit two different lighthouses! Fortunately, I’ve been able to hit more than two. But you gotta make sure one of yours is the Breakwater Lighthouse in Rockland. It’s a wonderful walk to get there.
    – I’m in the process of downsizing right now…a marital breakup causes that.

    The rest of your list is inspiring and sounds like a ton of fun…good luck in accomplishing your goals!

    1. It’s a starting point, my list. There’s way more things I want to do but life gets in the way.

      I’ve been to the Rockland Breakwater a few years ago a few times. Took my ex-(crazy) there. It’s a cute little light house. It is one of the few I’ve been to. I know.. I live in Maine & haven’t been to many light houses, scandalous.

  2. You have a great site, and I like your lists. You seem to be an interesting, deep and multifaceted person.

    Thanks for the follow and the visit!

      1. I was raised looking at them as tools – same as a hammer or wrench. My recommend: start with a small caliber rifle, a .22 or something. Learn trigger control and shooting technique. Then move to bigger stuff. Handguns require far more learning and practice to use effectively than rifles.

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