Welcome and happy holidays to you and yours.

We’ll post each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As most of you celebrate both.  I understand there are some who celebrate other holidays during this time and I send blessings to you as well.

This started as a way for me to incorporate old school greeting card sending and newer technology to share our life with you.  People are too wrapped up in the online social media, which is great in some ways, but loses the personal touch in others.  So I’m blending the two.  For some of you, you’ll get extra stuff in your card that will bring you to this site.  Others who are a bit low tech the newsletter is included in your card, and you’ll probably never see this page.

A QR code will be included in all cards, some of you will utilize it and others will be “what the heck is this?”  It is that square odd-looking mess you see in your card (and below).  QR stands for Quick Response, it is scan-able with your smart phone camera and bar code reader. It will bring you to this site.  Each year a new page will be added with our ‘Happenings’ for the past year and the password will be in your card.  Aren’t I a stinker?


My thought behind this, is that we don’t send or receive nearly as many cards as we use to.  It’s almost become a thing of the past.  I hope you join me in rekindling this tradition.  Please contact me if you’d like to swap cards and letters.


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