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Friends coffee shop - Central Perk
Friends coffee shop – Central Perk

Hay there! I’m happy to see you’ve stopped by.  Picture us in a small coffee shop setting, like that on the sitcom Friends. Maybe with a better couch.

1309744451374I’m Tracie, but several sites have me as Mainer Chick, because that’s what I am.  I’m from Maine, been here all my life (40 years) and lived no place else.  You’d think as a life long Mainer I’d have some experiences under my belt, however there are some things I have yet to do, like shoot a gun.  You’ll find me checking off some of these things through out my blog in the future. Surprisingly, I also haven’t been all over the state. I live and work in the central part of the state, which in my opinion is basically Androscoggin, Kennebecc and a little bit of the southern parts of Franklin & Sumerset counties. That is up for debate though.

My typical day is quite dull, as I drive an hour to the capital (45 mins on a good day) and work in a cube for this great state. I don’t tend to discuss work due to the awkward position it’d put me in if I did. Generalizations and maybe a mild rant here and there is about all you’ll see about that.  Most of my posts are about me, the weather, school, my family, friends, pets, art, photography, fitness/well-being, rants and ramblings, bitchfests about stupid people.  I have about 16 categories I’ve used in the past, but hope to narrow that down further since I have branched off two other blogs; a ME FIRST odyssey about my fitness journey & Art Journal that has most of my creative expression on it.  All of my blogs will be undergoing a revamp this year. I hope to post to Living in Maine my Maine journeys starting this summer.

last day of school
first day of school

My loves:

I’m a single (divorced 10+ yrs ago) mother who actually really enjoys her kids’ company. Although my kids aren’t really “kids” any more. Soon my youngest will be finished high school.
My other loves are my fir babies. I very much miss my dog Cinnamon, she was my saving grace at a time when I needed that little extra something.  And my many cats throughout the last several years.  I’m Mum, I put the food out.

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About Maine:

As discussed above, here’s a map of the counties in Maine. I’ve also included a region map, which a lot of vacation/camping guides will have. This map breaks the 16 counties in to 7 regions. I currently live in region 2 but travel daily to region 3.
At the top of my page on the far right is a link to Visit Maine from the Maine Office of Tourism.  Stop by and check out their site. (I am not getting compensated for this little blurb.)

maine-county-map MEMap

10 thoughts on “Meet Me

  1. Just found your blog and what a coincidence! I live in California but spend most of my summers in Maine, right in your area. Your photo of Popham Beach makes me homesick! You’ve got a follower!

    1. Thank you. I don’t have time tonight to get to this, so I’ll have to do it tomorrow or Thursday. I’ve been browsing your blog and was wondering when you started it. These blogs seem to evolve I found. 🙂

      1. Well it’s been years since i started blogging… but I have a bad habit of changing locations/titles/blogs. You can read about it under my meet me/interviews. 😉

  2. Are we a good match? I would like too advertise on your spot.. any ideas?

    Love the site!

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    We are a small family owned and operated business. We are going to keep a limited number of members. Only what we can handle.

    We have a large inventory of new/still tagged vintage outfits and would love to get you some examples to wear and write about as well.


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    Thrift Club


    Thrift Club
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