My first interview as a blogger was for the ME FIRST Times which is through work. It ran in the May issue of 2013.

Blogging the Good News!

A quote from the “interview”…
“Tracie says “A post is like a conversational email, not an essay.” She explains that her blog is like a newsletter except that it is more interactive, the posts are less formal and more  conversational. As if the author is talking to a friend about the experience.”

The quality of the newsletter (layout/font) isn’t stellar & is a tad hard to read. I would/should have written the article myself like Karen (further down in the newsletter) did, but I didn’t realize that was an option at the time.  Plus they got the URL wrong in it so please forgive it.  The blog it is talking about is here.

My second interview was with Delia Rusu at Blog Formatting. I recently (Sept 2013) did a “workshop” with her about blogging and social media. Quite a bit of it I’m already doing on my own. It’s just giving me things to think about that I may not have really focused on before.

Blogger interview: Tracie Eastman

The comments from that has really made me think. I’m happy to help people on their blogging journey. My experiences may have an impact on them and how they may do something. And even though I don’t make money and I’m not popular I guess I can be considered a “pro” at blogging with 13 years under my belt. (Not counting my years of journaling before that.)

So I’ve been inspired to really look at what I’m doing and how I can help others in their journey.  You’ll be seeing a new feature on regarding blogging and/or journaling. As well as other new features coming soon.  Let me know if you have anything you’d like to share with us.

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