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Blogger interview: Tracie Eastman

Here’s Tracie Eastman of answering a few questions about her blogging journey.

1) When did you start blogging and what prompted you to do so?

I’ve been blogging since 2000, it started with a geocities account, a personal web page. I posted poetry and happenings in my life at the time. I remember posting that I got a JOB! I was super excited because I had been unemployed for a while.

It was around the time that I separated/divorced, and moved. I was trying to figure out who I was without someone, how to be a good mom, and find a new direction in my life. Then I got a My Space page which had a blog section and used that regularly. I went to Blogger after that and finally ended up at Wordpress.

guest blogger Tracie Eastman2) Why do you blog? What is your blog purpose?

That’s a good question… Why? I’m not 100% sure why I choose to share my thoughts with random people in the world. I feel like my life experience could help or at the least entertain someone for a few moments.

I feel that blogs are a little like the editorials of the new millennium. Sharing your thoughts with more than just a selected few. My blogs have varied through out the years. My current blog is about life in Maine, my adventures in trying new things or revisiting old things, my transition to an empty nester, possibly finding new love and basically any random thought or opinion I want to share.

I like to share that Maine isn’t just the coast or the mountains, it is much more than people think. We have running water and cable TV – in most places.

3) How do you come up with blogging ideas?

Most of my blog posts are either about me or my thoughts/opinions on a topic. Sometimes I’ll overhear something or a news story will make me think “Oh that’d be a great discussion.” I don’t have any backup/pre-written posts to put up in the “dry spells” of not knowing what to write about.

I hope to change that.  I’ve started taking a blog notebook with me for thoughts, ideas, tips, & random stuff. Usually when I write the idea pops up and I just have to go for it until it’s done. I rarely proofread my blogs, but I make sure to spell check them. I tend to be what NaNo calls a “pantser” writing by the seat of my pants.

4) What is your biggest blogging struggle?

Ideas and consistency/schedule are my biggest struggles. I also think that my blog is overly generalized in some ways which is why I also have two other more focused blogs: one for art/photography and another for my quest to become healthy and fit.

However I find that if I narrow down my primary blog too much it doesn’t allow me for random sporadic topics. I feel it would pigeon hole me into only writing about X and then I wouldn’t write… That’s a lot of pressure you know.

I have to be organized and scheduled in life for everyone else, but my blog is for me (even though I want more readers/followers). I don’t write for others, and a more organic, free flowing feel is what I prefer.

I use to be teased about scheduling my spontaneity. With 2 kids, their activities, work, and other things I couldn’t just randomly do something on a whim. Even if that is how I prefer to be. It’s a balancing act I’m working on not just with my blog but everything.

5) If you were to start all over, what mistakes would you avoid?

Mistakes are a part of learning, to avoid a mistake would be avoiding a chance to learn and grow. However with that being said, I would have probably bought my domain name sooner than later.

Moving around I think has been one of my biggest mistakes, but it is what I had to do to learn. I would advise people to stop moving if you don’t have a domain name. I’m sure it has cost me readers/followers.

Thanks so much for participating in the blogger interview, Tracie!

Blogger interviewTracie Eastman writes at Mainer Chick’s Living in Maine, where she talks about her life in Maine and any other random ideas she has. She’s a mother of two: an 18 year old and a 20 year old, she is also a photographer, artist, writer, and poet. She is a third generation State of Maine employee for the past twelve years. She’s been blogging for thirteen years.

Her other interests include, scrapbooking, letter boxing, reading, gardening, and a new found interest in kayaking, hiking and healthy cooking.  Some of her dreams/goals are to be a published author of a novel, to finish her degree, to show & sell her photographs, to downsize in to a tiny house, and to travel. Currently she is perusing ways to better her blogging abilities by taking various mini/e-courses and teaching herself CSS.

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