Be a Guest

How could you become a contributing author or a guest author?

A “Contributing Author” is someone who is in the ME FIRST program, or has been successful in it and has graduated from it. Usually a current or retired State of Maine employee. A contributing author will be submitting several posts around the program. They will have direct access to the blog as an “author” and can submit & edit their own posts, as well as upload images.  They should submit a paragraph about themselves to Tracie (Mainer Chick) for the “meet us” page.

A “Guest Author” is someone who is not in the ME FIRST program but can provide a post that fits within the “ME FIRST” program to get healthy & fit. They’d need to email the post to Tracie (Mainer Chick) with their contact info, blog URL if they want it included, and a little paragraph about their story.

a ME FIRST odyssey blog currently has only eight (8) primary categories for blog posts. The first five are based on the five components of the ME FIRST program.

  • Facilitation
  • Fitness
    • Events
  • Wellness
  • Health (nurse)
  • Nutrition
    • Recipes
  • Goals

    • NSV = Non Scale Victories
  • Tips
  • Ramblings (if the post doesn’t fit some place else)

I recently decided to add two more; Recipes, which is a subcategory of Nutrition, it is for the recipes that authors share. Events, which is a subcategory of Fitness, for the events authors participate in. We may end up with a few more sub categories later on.

Please contact Tracie (Mainer Chick) via email to join the team.

A note regarding posts: A blog post is basically you sharing your thoughts around one of the above categories, as if you were emailing a friend to tell them about your progress or idea or day. It’s not a college essay and will not be graded. Your thoughts and feelings are your own and credit will be given as such.  I’m not great at spelling, so I run spell check on my posts before I publish them, I suggest doing the same with yours.  You can add an image to make the post more interesting.

As blog admin I reserve the right to edit or remove any obscene or offensive materials submitted/published. All posts submitted as guest posts are at my discretion to also edit before posting.

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