Meet us

Let me introduce myself…

I’m Mainer Chick (Tracie).   I’m a mother of two teens. An artist, photographer, and writer or inspiring to be.  A State employee.

This blog is following my journey to wellness.  First inspired over a year ago, The Beginning.  I started making small changes to my diet, cutting out soda mostly and not eating boxed foods or fast foods all the time.  These little things have made a difference.  When I got my dog back I was walking her 3 times a day about a mile each time. But I had to put her down in April, I miss her a lot.  I now need to get back on track and get my butt moving as well as eat healthier.

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Hi there!

I am Laurie (lalalosingit).  My ultimate goal is to lose weight, but at times feel like I am losing my mind in the process 🙂

I like to challenge myself physically and try to make things fun.  I joined ME FIRST with Tracie this past year and have lost about 18 pounds so far.  The program has encouraged me to “push the envelope” a bit.  I signed up for swimming lessons a few weeks ago, I will be running my first ½ marathon this Saturday, I will be participating in my first mud run April 28, and I will swim in a triathlon in July.

As far as nutrition goes . . . I am trying to plan my meals and omit processed foods as much as possible.

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