Letter Boxing – About

How did I get turned on to Letterboxing?

I was at a Girl Scout leader’s meeting for my area and we were brain storming ideas of things to do to get the girls outside. Another leader suggested Letterboxing and gave us the websites: Atlas Quest & Letterboxing.org

It took me a long time to get going on this, even though I was quite interested and really wanted to do it. I first brought it to the attention of the troop I lead and suggested that we hide a box close to our meeting place. They agreed and I carved our troop crest w/ our troop # in to some pink stuff. It’s a 2×2 square that came out rather good for my first attempt. I hid the box on May 22nd & you can find it here: Forget Me Not

Then I set out making stamps for the girls, 12 of them. I started over a year ago and I have finished about 8 for those girls who stayed with scouting. I’ve also carved one for my mother, tulips & “HOPE”, one for my son, angel wings “healer” & “WoW” (he’s a gamer) and also one I’ve already planted called “Great Falls”.

My PFX Count: P47 F201 X26 (I need to update my profile on AQ.) Some of these were found with Phazia, MissMae, & JPizzle.

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