My adventure to Birka

A little less than a year a go I went to my first SCA event. It was the first event by Ravensbridge on May 16th. Huginn and Muninn was held at the Monmouth Fish and Game.  There was lots going on, but it was still a small event with Arts and Science, Thrown Weapons, Archery, Fencing, Heavy List, and Feast. I had a wonderful time even though I was recovering from a surgery about 2 weeks earlier.  They are planning on doing this event yearly, although the venue may change. Anyways…  This is a group of people who I’ve gotten … Continue reading My adventure to Birka

Future is looking Bright

I published this post three years ago today (yesterday).  The blogging future… a little help please. Where does the time go? I feel no more focused of fetched out then I did in 2013.  Although if you read my post Opportunity you’ll see I have lofty plans. I have decided not to take the opportunity and ride on the coattails of the author of the GQ article.  I feel everyone has said what has needed to be said with regards to it.  If the US returns Maine back to Canada I’d gladly agree. We will happily export our lobster, potatoes, … Continue reading Future is looking Bright


This year I decided to actually pick a word for the year to focus on. I chose OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity (op-por-tu-ni-ty) noun / A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. I was kind of tired of setting “goals” or resolutions every year and not achieving them. I try but I don’t always succeed. So this year I’m picking words.  A year word to focus on for the year. Opportunity can come in to play so many ways.  Even with pairing it with the word of the month. My word of the month is MINDFUL. Between the two … Continue reading Opportunity

Happy New Year!

Hey friend. *head nod* What’s up? What is going on with you in 2016? As we go into the new year I have some new adventures to look forward to.  Very exciting. I’m going to start SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) online degree program for Creative Writing for my bachelors degree. I’m looking forward to getting this done.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes to achieve your goal, as long as you’re working towards it and enjoying the journey. I signed up to do the DLP (Documented Life Project) again. Looking forward to putting some art in my life … Continue reading Happy New Year!


Well it is done.  And my word count sucks ass: 13,655 to be exact. My story idea is sound but the nuts and bolts of it are still loose and floating around.  Next year I’m taking the term off during November so I can focus on writing and not school. So unfortunately at this point I have nothing else to share with you about NaNo.  I’m thankful it’s over (TGIO) and will work out a better plan for next year. Continue reading TGIO NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching

About a week away from the official start of NaNoWriMo 2015. Are you ready? I need your help.  I’ve been working on creating new characters with help from my writing group. Here they are: Austin Craig Stewart (brother = Tristan) Ambrose Rutherford Peterson III (sister = Amber) Savanna Luna Gilman Sean Michael White Elizabeth Kathryn Beaumont Nathanial (Nat) Charles Dumont Tristan Brett Stewart (brother = Austin) Jacqueline Myrna Ellis Amber Ruth Peterson – (brother = Ambrose) Frances Marie Diamond – Eyes: Green   Hair: Black   Height: ? Physical description: Personality characteristics: Notice that only one has some physical characteristics listed. This … Continue reading NaNoWriMo is fast approaching

Tiny Boat House

As many of you know I’m kind of in to the Tiny House thing, have been before they even made a show on HG TV about it.  I believe it can help with a variety of issues in communities and for people.  While I was out with my daughter we stopped down to the point in Winthrop and found this tiny boat house docked.  I spoke to the guy quickly and he said to look up their tiny boat house on the blog, so I did. Here are some more shots of the tiny boat house he calls the “love … Continue reading Tiny Boat House