Taking charge of my health, wellness, and diet I’ve decided I need to purge some bad habits and addictions (sugar). Let me start with what isn’t working… I have pondered long and hard recently regarding my health and wellness. I don’t feel I’m making progress in the ME First/ME4Life program. A lot of the wellness stuff we cover I’ve been working on for years. I feel it isn’t a positive session for me listening to other people’s negativity bi-weekly. I don’t feel I’m getting anything positive from the group interactions at this point. And unfortunately it seems that it is … Continue reading Choices

My Education

Recently I’ve been contemplating going back to college to get a bachelors degree. I have a meeting with Kaplan on Tuesday. As soon as I know what’s up I’ll keep you all in the loop. I hope this is possible. I’m 17 classes away from a b.s. in business. I could be don with in 2 years, or less. The financial side of things is my biggest concern and hurdle. This is a quick post from my phone As I currently don’t have internet. Hope to resolve this issue this week. Continue reading My Education