My Education

Recently I’ve been contemplating going back to college to get a bachelors degree. I have a meeting with Kaplan on Tuesday. As soon as I know what’s up I’ll keep you all in the loop. I hope this is possible. I’m 17 classes away from a b.s. in business. I could be don with in 2 years, or less. The financial side of things is my biggest concern and hurdle. This is a quick post from my phone As I currently don’t have internet. Hope to resolve this issue this week. Continue reading My Education

Evicting My Uterus

Apparently my uterus is wicked unhappy in its current home. She has become quite the squeaky wheel. So she is being evicted. The issues have been going on since August of last year and finally everything came to a culmination when she sent me to the ER twice in three days at the end of February. Enough is enough. I’ve had enough of the pain, enough of the irritation, and enough of the pressure. She’s currently unemployed and unemployable.  As of next week I’m kicking her out. For my sanity, safety, and well-being she must go. Where she goes I … Continue reading Evicting My Uterus

Maine Food

I found this video on one of our local music stations Q97 (wjbq). I’m not partial to Moxie to start with but it is NOT a Mr. Pibb knockoff! And I don’t know who made those baked beans but they looked nasty not at all like any of the homemade beans I’ve had. By the way the chocolate potato treat is called a Needham.  This recipe calls for mashed potatoes, but I like the shredded potatoes better. What foods do you have in your area that the rest of the country doesn’t? Continue reading Maine Food

How I lost 3 days

What is today? Friday the 27th I think. What happened to this week? Where did it go? You know how when you’re on vacation and all the days seem to blend together? Being in the hospital feels the same way. What the hell happened?  Good question.  As far as I can tell (and the doctors think) I had an infection.  I’ll spare you the gory details of this.  Basically I went to the ER on Sunday night, they kept me overnight and released me on Monday morning. Gave me a couple of prescriptions to take. On Monday I slept all … Continue reading How I lost 3 days