What am I doing?????

Wow! So this change to a self hosted site is a bit messy. Partly because of the timing and my ineptitude. Working through it though. Excited for the future of my blogs, website, and such. I’m learning new things so it’s good. In other news, I am happy with my grades in both classes for this term. I liked both and the creative writing class was very helpful. I am greatful to my teacher and classmates for the boost I needed to take the next step. I’m nervous about next term. Seems like both classes are heavy writing straight away. … Continue reading What am I doing?????


This year I decided to actually pick a word for the year to focus on. I chose OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity (op-por-tu-ni-ty) noun / A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. I was kind of tired of setting “goals” or resolutions every year and not achieving them. I try but I don’t always succeed. So this year I’m picking words.  A year word to focus on for the year. Opportunity can come in to play so many ways.  Even with pairing it with the word of the month. My word of the month is MINDFUL. Between the two … Continue reading Opportunity

Chhhha… Changes… or not

Changes….? We don’t really like them usually. However in my quest to find my “voice” when I blog I’ve been through a lot of them as well as my blogs too. I currently own 4 blogs, however I only write on two regularly (once a week). I’m considering on consolidating my blogs to one. However I’m having a hard time committing to this “plan”. Here are two of the other blogs: A ME FIRST odyssey (I have asked for guest & contributing authors but only one has posted.) & Mainer Chick’s Art Journal (it started with a journaling project from … Continue reading Chhhha… Changes… or not

WordPress is at it again

So I don’t check my blog for a week between prepping for NaNo and starting NaNo I had scheduled posts the week before.  But I stop in to it today and things are looking different again.  What’s up? I think they update WP about twice a year just to drive us crazy. Anyways… How’s everyone November going?  If you’re doing NaNoWriMo how’s that going for you?  You can see my progress over on the left. Not doing so good right now.  I’m going to change my plot so I hope this will help the creativity flow.  I have my Lobster … Continue reading WordPress is at it again

Categories vs Tags

I want to discuss with you a very important topic that has been weighing on my mind a lot lately.  Categories vs Tags. Working in the WordPress.com (and probably WordPress.org) constraints… How do you choose your categories? How many is too many? (not rhetorical) I know on Blogger you basically only get tags. Where as on WordPress you have categories and tags.  I use categories as if they were file folders.  Everything about “writing” goes in that file folder.  However tags are a loose concept, where they help bring traffic to your post.  If my post was about writing a … Continue reading Categories vs Tags