Future is looking Bright

I published this post three years ago today (yesterday).  The blogging future… a little help please. Where does the time go? I feel no more focused of fetched out then I did in 2013.  Although if you read my post Opportunity you’ll see I have lofty plans. I have decided not to take the opportunity and ride on the coattails of the author of the GQ article.  I feel everyone has said what has needed to be said with regards to it.  If the US returns Maine back to Canada I’d gladly agree. We will happily export our lobster, potatoes, … Continue reading Future is looking Bright

Results so far

So far the three votes I’ve received to my query has been wanting to read more about Maine and/or my life in Maine.  If you haven’t taken my polls yet please do so. For those who have voted you’ll be glad to know that about once a week starting in May you’ll get a post about something/someplace I visited in Maine the week prior.  The plan is that every Monday afternoon my kidos and I will be out adventuring.  We’ve got a few places already on the list to hit up, state parks, hikes, ocean side, & maybe even some … Continue reading Results so far


The burning question is: What does success look like to me? I have yet to answer that question. As I usually do every so often, I’m reassessing my online presence.  Some questions I’ve been asking myself the past few weeks. What do I want my blog known for? Should I limit my blog further? How do I want it to look? I’m taking a blogging workshop with two different bloggers, one ending next week and the other starting next week. I hope this will help me in my blogging and writing and social media. I really want to revamp my … Continue reading Reassessing