Happy New Year!

Hey friend. *head nod* What’s up? What is going on with you in 2016? As we go into the new year I have some new adventures to look forward to.  Very exciting. I’m going to start SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) online degree program for Creative Writing for my bachelors degree. I’m looking forward to getting this done.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes to achieve your goal, as long as you’re working towards it and enjoying the journey. I signed up to do the DLP (Documented Life Project) again. Looking forward to putting some art in my life … Continue reading Happy New Year!


Taking charge of my health, wellness, and diet I’ve decided I need to purge some bad habits and addictions (sugar). Let me start with what isn’t working… I have pondered long and hard recently regarding my health and wellness. I don’t feel I’m making progress in the ME First/ME4Life program. A lot of the wellness stuff we cover I’ve been working on for years. I feel it isn’t a positive session for me listening to other people’s negativity bi-weekly. I don’t feel I’m getting anything positive from the group interactions at this point. And unfortunately it seems that it is … Continue reading Choices