Funk… not the grovy kind & bed hog

I’ve been in a funk for the past week or more and don’t really know why.  I haven’t felt 100% but I haven’t felt horrible either. Up until Wednesday when I ended up sleeping all night Tuesday, then most of the day Wednesday, & all that night.  I’m feeling a bit back to “normal” now. (Friday) Today (Monday) I’m still feeling exhausted but not quite the funk I was in the last couple of weeks.  I watched my nephew & niece for the weekend.  I love them dearly and they’re always a joy to visit with, however I’m grateful that … Continue reading Funk… not the grovy kind & bed hog

Early onset of Empty Nest syndrome.

Hello readers.  I’m not sure if you caught my last post about being in a funk, but just by writing that post, admitting to it, embracing it, I feel better.  It was inhibiting more than my creativity for the past few weeks. I’ve concluded that I’ve got early onset of empty nest syndrome.  One kid already in college and the other a junior in high school, who is driving her self and working, makes for a lonely mom. I’ve been busy for years with kid stuff and going to college and working I barely had free time, now I’ve got … Continue reading Early onset of Empty Nest syndrome.