Taking too long

Well damn where did I go?  I know right!  I feel like i have fallen off the blogging world and left you hanging. I am so SO SOOOOOOOO sorry for that my lovelies.   So much has changed since my last post in March.  I did buy self hosting site. I started setting it up and got distracted by my classes. So it sat untouched for weeks.  I then asked a friend to play with it and try to set it up… not so successful.  So now that I am doing only one class at a time now I hope … Continue reading Taking too long

What if…

How many times have you played that game with yourself?  So many can be listed by almost all of us. How far back would you go? Five years, 12 years, 20? Funny thing is that doing that would change who you are today. Do you like who you are today? Everything that has happened to you in your life up to this point has help form you into who you are. But this thought has given me an idea that I may run with. So until I’m ready to share that stew on my questions. Continue reading What if…

Not those exact words, but close enough.

Today’s Daily Prompt is: When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you? I don’t think I’ve had anyone recently just come up and say “I’m so PROUD of you.” Usually the praise I recieve is something along the lines of “Look how well you’re doing for yourself.” or “You’ve come so far since a couple of years ago.” It’s okay because I know what they mean by these types of things. They ARE proud of me. They’re glad I’m not such a looser anymore. They’re glad I’m not hitting them up for money, or a … Continue reading Not those exact words, but close enough.

Your life is now

I have heard so many teenagers say (or post on Facebook) “I can’t wait to get out of high school and start my life.”  HELLO!!!  Your life has already started.  The day you could decide what color shirt to wear, how much effort you give to school, to like one person and not another, your life had begun.  For real! Just because you’re in high school does not mean you don’t have a life. You actually have a much cushier life than you realize.  You’re getting a free education, the option of two meals reasonably priced and well balanced (usually), … Continue reading Your life is now