UPDATE: I have done some research on moving to a self hosted site and it seems that the time is now. It is the most cost efficant option for me at this time. I’m terrified of this move but I found a wa to take you all with me. Do not worry, my blog is not changing much and it will not be anything different for content then what you are use to seeing. I need to make this move this week. So things may be a little messy for a few weeks while I work on this. Forgive me … Continue reading Changes

Future is looking Bright

I published this post three years ago today (yesterday).  The blogging future… a little help please. Where does the time go? I feel no more focused of fetched out then I did in 2013.  Although if you read my post Opportunity you’ll see I have lofty plans. I have decided not to take the opportunity and ride on the coattails of the author of the GQ article.  I feel everyone has said what has needed to be said with regards to it.  If the US returns Maine back to Canada I’d gladly agree. We will happily export our lobster, potatoes, … Continue reading Future is looking Bright

Great Wall Buffet – Augusta ME

I haven’t had Chinese food in a while and while at writing group I figured I’d get some buffet to go from Great Wall Buffet. The first photo has Crab Rangoons, Mushrooms, Pork Dumplings, Chicken on a Stick, Chicken Wing, & Pork Ribs. Crab Rangoons were alright, not really too much crab, but crunchy. Mushrooms were a bit spicy. Not sure what the sauce is on it. Chicken on a Stick was good, not teriyaki but fairly flavorful. The Chicken Wings were good, flavorful and crunchy. Pork Dumplings were the best thing I found out of my whole dinner. Looked … Continue reading Great Wall Buffet – Augusta ME