It is LIVE

My new site is live:  MainerChick In addition to that I have a new location for my blog: I’m still working on moving my followers from here to there, which is not very intuitive. Any suggestions / tips are welcome. And soon to come my creative writings will be found at As well as my Etsy store to be up and running. And hopefully a site for selling my photos. I’m also creating a page for linking sponsors and affiliate. Currently I’m in the process of writing the “About Me” section for my new writing blog based on … Continue reading It is LIVE

It’s official…

I’ve jumped ship from Blogger to WordPress. I liked being at Blogger but I felt WordPress had features I wanted more.  Blogger was looking a little unprofessional and messy. I know a blog about letterboxing isn’t really a “professional” type of blog but I cannot explain it any other way.  I wanted a more “grown up” feeling, also maybe not the best words for it.

Anyways, here I am.  I retitled the blog to Getting Inky. I felt like there were too many people using “adventures” and such and I wanted something different.  Instead of changing my trail name I changed my blog. On a side note if you read the URL really quick… try not to put a “k” in it.  😉 Continue reading “It’s official…”