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This blog is about a journey/odyssey/adventure in getting healthy/fit.  It’s about changing the way your mind thinks about food and exercise.  It took us how many years to get where we are with an archaic way of thinking.  Some of us may have dieted and rebound and found nothing works and been discouraged.  The program we’re in works on changing your thinking about foods, exercise and over all well-being.  I hope what we learn will help you in your quest for a better lifestyle.

A little bit about the program we are in called ME FIRST.  It was put together by the State of Maine to help employees fight obesity.  Which in turns helps people be healthier and happier and have less medical needs in the long run and saves everyone money.  The program has been around for about five years.  Participants have lost a total of 9 tons from the beginning to now.  Several have been able to stop or reduce the amount of medication they’re taking because they’re now healthier.  It has helped improve or eliminate issues with blood pressure, cholesterol, sugars, depression, anxiety, pain, stress, & smoking.

The intent of this blog is to have various viewpoints on the program by having contributing authors who are in various stages of the program. As well as guest bloggers who are in the same frame of mind to get healthy and fit properly.  Please let me know if you’d like to guest author a post or two.  We hope you can learn something from this blog that puts you on a better track rather than yo-yo dieting and other ineffective ways to loose weight that aren’t healthy.

Mainer Chick (Tracie)

*I’ve included my original blog as the “Archive” under About. This is when I started focusing on getting healthy as a whole.

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